The morning after ….

Last night was hubby’s Christmas party. What a great night we had!!! Great food at our local Boston Pizza and a bit of fun bowling. ( yes we live in a small town so no glamours party at a convention center)  My hat is off to his company for doing the responsible thing and providing taxi vouchers for everyone to come home. As you can imagine, the booze was flowing and this morning has been a bit rough. Thank you caramel bailieys and coffee for giving me the strength to move today !!

Also it was the first night since Celeste was born that we have gone out on our own. Well it feels like it anyway. It was nice to view my husband as my partner and lover for a few hours instead of my co-parenting room mate. Let’s be honest here, as a couple with children, we loose that part our lives. It takes a lot of work to keep up on the love side of the relationship when you are arguing about what is appropriate behaviour for a 3 year old and what she should have for dinner. Spending quality relationship time with your partner is a great foundation to a long lasting marriage and I am vowing now to make a bigger effort to do so. You all as my witness’!!

In light of the rough wake up this morning I decided that I would pick a meat from the freezer then hop on the web to find something easy and crock pot friendly for dinner tonight. ( if we all make it that far!! ) So I grabbed some chicken wings and decided to make Honey Garlic Chicken wings. I found a great recipe at

I did make very minor changes ( I hate when  you read a recipe and then the comments are full of how they completely changed it to suit their taste!! It is no longer the same recipe folks, you made your own and should maybe just list what you did!! ) I used refined organic coconut oil instead of just canola oil. It is better for you and you will not taste the coconut so why not. And my wings probably won’t be quite as sweet because I did not have a full cup of honey on hand only about half a cup. This is not a bad thing in my house hold as hubby does not like sweet things. Image


Fast foward to Wednesday!!

I totally forgot to take a picture of the finished product! I am so very sorry, however I will give you a visual description. The skin was cooked and coated in sweet yummy goodness. The chicken fell off the bone and the house smelled like garlic and honey. The meat did become black after a while, which can be a turn off and probably wouldn’t have happened had I not left it on warm for a couple of hours after the cooking time was finished. It was a hit all around and I will defintley make it again. I threw together a veggie stir fry to serve with it. I included all the old veggies I had lying around and it was awesome!! Such a hit that the roomie took it for lunch the next day and the next! Another winner in my crock pot book.


The beauty of a new pair of socks



When I was younger I was a street kid. However that happened is not important and does not need a description. With this cold weather I cannot stop thinking of all the other homeless people out there who have not been as fortunate to get back on top of their lives yet. Some, unfortunately never ever will. I have spend countless hours looking up how to write a good blog post but this one I don’t really care about format. I only care that it will open someone’s eyes.


There are so many reasons for people to be homeless. Some are mentally ill, some are working poor, some have suffered great tragedy and cannot function any more. Some are drug addicts who have lost complete foothold on reality. No matter what the circumstances are that lead them to be sitting on that street corner as you walk by, they are hurting. Their fingers are numb and they can’t feel their toes. They do not know what tonight will bring, will they find a warm place to sleep or will it be yet another night wandering the streets in an effort to stay somewhat warm.  And all the while the cold brings up all the shitty fucked up memories stored in their brains. Believe me this is not how anyone deserves to feel.


It is my duty to speak up for them. I am a survivor of the -38 -42 degree nights. I was lucky and had support. When I decided enough was enough somebody believed enough in me to allow me to fix myself. As an ex-homeless person, I can attest to the fact that nothing is better, in this world, then a pair of clean and dry socks!!!


This may seem trivial to many, why not offer them a bed for the night or $100 to get a hotel room. These things are great and some might actually do what you intended them to do with it. But a lot of those solutions come with baggage. Responsibility that sometimes we ( homeless) cannot Live up to.We want to spend the night in the hotel but we also want to be so fucked up that we never remember this day happened and will probably take the money and buy an eight ball. We would love to spend the night at your house but honestly we stink. Plus we dont want to be a bother or make you uncomfortable. Mostly we do not feel worth of this kindness and we cannot live up to what is expected of us in this situation. We can’t even put money aside to buy our own socks for christ sakes!!



The best thing you can do, in my opinion, is purchase them a pair of warm socks and whatever else they need to stay warm that you can see. When you haven’t changed your socks for 3 weeks and your feet are wet from sweat and snow, it can really turn your day upside down to receive a warm pair of dry socks. A nice cup of hot chocolate or coffee is a benefit too. You see neither of these things carry and ties to the person offering them. Rather they warm the body and soul and might just turn that craptastic day around for that one person.


So I say, if you want to help someone today, in the now, go to your favourite discount store, buy a bag of socks, mitts toques and whatever else. Go for a walk down town and offer them to every person you see who needs it ( maybe throw in a gift card with $5 bucks to timmies in it) You will received the warmest of smiles and will brighten their day more then they could ever tell you….


FYI : In Calgary, you can also check out these associations that do exactly that:

Baby it’s cold outside….. ( an oil field wife’s delight)

Brrrrr…. here in Lloydminster SK it is currently -25 feels like -34 with the wind chill. As an oil field wife, this brings up a whole bunch of worries for our men that are out there, all day. As if worrying about sour gas and accidents is not bad enough as it is. Add frost bit to the mix and we sit here, feeling bad that we are home nice and warm and they are working.

This type of weather always makes me want to make some hot and hearty food for my hubby and boarder. This is the delight part, I love cooking and I LOVE my crock pot! I use this weather as an excuse to break out my crock pot and whip up something warm and delicious for my family. Not only does it earn me some serious wifey points ( coming home to a lovely smelling house and awesome meal) but it makes me feel very accomplished. Here is what I am working on today:

First I put a whole chicken rubbed in garlic salt, pepper, cayenne, thyme and rosemary. I chopped an onion and stuffed some inside the chicken and the rest in the pot. I also added one quarter cup of water. Turned it on high and let it cook for 6-8 hrs.


Then I cut up some potatoes, provided by my old boarder’s wife!! Lovely organic grown spuds. I also cut up some lovely organic carrots from the same lovely garden. Coated them in a bit of olive oil, salt and pepper and put them in the oven, in my Pampered Chef Bar pan ( best bar pan EVER!)



Threw them in the oven at 450 farheight. And they come out perfect and crunchy!! The perfect cold night meal for hungry men!

We went thru some very hard times a couple years ago, before the whole oil field business and that taught me to try and use the food I make until there is no more. As little waste as possible. So in that frame of mind, I put the bones back into the juices that I saved, added some water ( about 6 cups) and let it run all night on low. I will used that for two things, one is chicken soup for tonight ( wife win!! less work for me !!) and the rest I will freeze for chicken broth for future meals. You can add any spices to it at this point to make it the perfect chicken broth for you!!


So now to keep the little one occupied on this VERY cold day. Wish me luck!!

5 reasons why I wanted to start a blog….

Well here I am, trying my hand out at keeping you all entertained.

I was to the radio the other day ( cbc radio 1) and the person on the show said something that hit home with me. It went along the lines of: We thrive on knowing that people are “caring” about our lives. This hit home with me. We have just returned from a trip where we did not have unlimited access to the internet and having enjoyed my break from social media, I had decided that I would cool my use of Facebook and twitter and all other social sites. Yeah Right! I can’t do it !! I keep checking and re-checking. I WANT to tell people what I am doing and what I am thinking and what my kid is doing ( Shamefully so ) . Do my Facebook peeps really care?? probably not but they follow protocol and like pictures and posts when needed. ( that is a topic for a future post I think The ethics of Facebook). Therefore, to minimise bothering my friends and to keep me otherwise occupied I will blog…

Here are my reasons/intentions and hopes for blogging:

1- Let’s be honest, while I don’t think I am egotistical, I like talking about myself. And why not it is what my life consists of and it is the most important thing in my world ( I include my daughter, Celeste 3 and my lovely husband S. in this )

2- I have a lot to say and I want to get it out. I have opinions about a lot of things and people and while I have to use my “better judgement” while talking to friends, this is my blog where I decide what happens and what is discussed. I am open to opinions and information from my readers so please feel free to comment!!

3- I hope that my experiences and stories can help or inspire someone else. I am by no means a specialist in any area but have lived what some consider and interesting life. More on that later….

4- I love cooking!! I will be covering a lot of subjects but you may see many cooking posts! I have a tendency to change recipes and sometimes it works and sometimes not. My husband and boarder can attest to that. The first thing that comes out of their mouth’s when I announce tonight’s meal is :” what did you change!!”  ( I promise to make sure to include my success’ as well as failures)

5- I just like blogs. I find it interesting to read what others are doing/thinking/saying. I find diversity appealing. I like to understand why people are different and what makes them different. Also I have the time to do it. My husband works hard so I can stay home. I should be doing something pro-active while I am here.

Here is to hoping someone will find me interesting enough to keep updated but if not, I am just happy to get it off my chest !!